ODRIE is the outcome of an extra-ordinary family bond between three cousins. At a very young age the seeds were sown for a business, which later grew into a sustainable and high-quality jewellery brand.

The brand is the personification of the modern women of today, reflecting their ambition and drive for change. It is founded on four core values; integrity, quality, elegance, and versatility. The collections, on the other hand, are always based on worldly influences, from the charming Moroccan souks to the vibrant Parisian lights.

Each design is the result of the cousins' combined aesthetic and technical creative process.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower customers to choose a contemporary jewel designed in a sustainable value chain, while still being crafted in the renowned gold-smith tradition native to Valenza, Italy. The combination of certified carbon neutral, high-quality lab grown diamonds and 18ct. recycled gold, ensures that a traditional, heavily polluting mining industry, which causes human suffering, can be substituted by a circular and ethical business model. Meanwhile, the versatility provided for the collections allowscustomers to develop their own looks over time using add-ons, ensuring that no piece ever goes out of use.We strive to establish and maintain close customer support, as our brand is available both in a physical store and online, guaranteeing a personalized sales experience and unparalleled after-sales service, both online and offline.