From Sketch to Brilliance

From Sketch to Brilliance

The Journey of Odrie's Jewelry 

Ever wondered how such refined and elegant jewelry finds its way to the jeweler? Embark on an immersive journey through Odrie's design and production process, where labgrown diamonds and 18ct recycled gold transform into exquisite pieces of art.

The Birth of an Idea 

Behind every creation lies a deep wellspring of inspiration. Odrie's designers transcend fashion trends, drawing from architecture, culture, art, and nature's vastness. With this inspiration as their compass, the design phase commences. Sketches come to life at the most unexpected places and moments — a creative Sunday afternoon, an unplanned train journey, a spark of inspiration over morning coffee. Creative visions take tangible form, where every line and curve are thoughtfully crafted to embody the essence of the design. Each piece of jewelry is a work of precision, meticulously considered to ensure seamless integration of the diamonds into the design.

Odrie has introduced three unique collections thus far: Bright World, Meet Me in Paris, and Dreaming of Riads. The Bright World collection embodies timeless elegance, harmony, and dedication, featuring a range of foundational pieces, must-haves, and engagement and wedding rings. In contrast, the Meet Me in Paris and Dreaming of Riads collections draw inspiration from the distinctive cities of Paris and Marrakesh. The models in the first collection symbolize Paris's twinkling lights, depicted as dancing diamonds, reflecting sophistication, luxury, and cultural richness. The second collection is a fusion of character and daring, infused with asymmetry and timeless charm reminiscent of the vibrant Moroccan riads, souks, and narrow alleys.

From Idea to Reality

After the sketches, the journey begins at Valenza, Italy, where a skilled goldsmith brings the initial prototype to life. Carefully selected labgrown diamonds from Antwerp join the transformation. In the goldsmith's workshop, each team member contributes their expertise to create magic. From digitized 3D designs to gold casting, every step demands precision and dedication.

The process begins by translating Odrie's sketches into digital 3D designs, allowing for further refinement of precision and quality. Subsequently, a wax model is created based on the design. This wax model is attached to a wax cylinder, known as the "tree." A high-quality plaster mixture is poured over the tree to create the casting mold. Once heated in an oven, the wax melts, leaving behind the cavity of the tree as a hardened casting mold. Molten gold is poured into the mold using a casting machine. After solidification, the piece is removed from the machine and cooled in water, revealing the freshly cast jewel.

With the raw jewel in hand, the finishing phase commences using a polishing machine to smooth the surface. The casting layer is removed. Next comes the assembly stage where various components are soldered together to create the final model. The piece is then polished, and the labgrown diamonds are set in the jewelry. A final polish gives the jewel a magnificent shine, and rhodium plating is applied to white gold pieces to achieve their ultimate color.

Finally, each piece undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure it meets all the standards and requirements. Upon approval, the item is returned to Odrie. The designers at Odrie review the model and request any necessary final adjustments to the goldsmith.

The Design Comes to Life

Every detail narrates a story of creativity and dedication. Raw materials metamorphose into stunning jewels bearing Odrie's signature. Each piece reflects a journey from inspiration to brilliance, celebrating elegance and sophistication. 

Our latest designs can be explored below. You can brighten the world with us! 

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