The diamond that is conquering the world

The diamond that is conquering the world

As consumers around the globe call on more transparent product information and the momentum for conscious consumerism grows, more and more are discovering the alternative world of the labgrown diamond. 

Labgrown diamonds, by their very nature, can more quickly meet the demanded transparency and environmental and humanitarian values of consumers, while still retaining the emotional value and timelessness that transcends generations.

Meanwhile, regardless of the raw material, mining affects the environment and the socio-economic reality of the local population, by emitting emissions from excavation and transport, water and soil pollution, ecosystem and biodiversity destruction, and displacement, armed conflict, forced labour and child labour.

Although the trend started with millennials, other generations are increasingly mesmerised by these sustainable alternatives as they embrace the values that come with lab grown diamonds as well as the good price-quality ratio. 

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For more information on the production of labgrown diamonds, please visit Our Responsible Materials.

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