Mother's day May

Mother's day May

Every second Sunday of the month of May, we celebrate Mother’s Day. Let’s spend this year’s Mother’s Day honouring both the mothers who raise and care for us as well as Mother earth who sustains us.  

There are countless ways you can celebrating nurture and nature: 

  1. Picnic or BBQ outdoors 
  2. Cook a local dish and serve your mother at her beck and call 
  3. Into playing games? Organise a family scavenger hunt   
  4. Pick flowers in the florist’s wild garden  
  5. Enjoy the afternoon sipping on some “Mom”osas  
  6. Plan a nice, little getaway  
  7. Take her on an adventure – it could be anything, horseback riding, cycling, etc.  

Finally, you can surprise her with a radiant gift from ODRIE, one that makes any heart swell. In need of inspiration, our gift guide below can help! 

Do you want to personalise your gift further? Where the design of the jewel allows, the jewel can be inscribed with a beautiful message.  


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